KMi Director gives Royal Institution Lecture

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Monday say KMi’s Director give a talk entitled “Blockchains: Hope or Hype?” at the Royal Institution sponsored by the French Embassy. The Royal Institution is an independent charity, founded in 1799, dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. The lecture was conducted in the famous Royal Institution theatre where some of the most famous scientists and research communicators in history have given lectures, including Michael Faraday (who discovered the principles underlying electromagnetic induction), Humphry Davy (who discovered a number of elements including potassium, sodium and calcium in 1807-1808), Carl Sagan, David Attenborough, George Porter and Richard Dawkins.

The presentation covered the impact of blockchain technology and a number of novel applications including KMi’s work on its use in higher educational settings and the link to decentralizing personal data. The lecture was co-presented with Sajida Zouarhi who is an architect at the prominent blockchain company Consensys.

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