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Educating Educators - CISCO Inverview

Educating the Educators – OU and Cisco partnership as part of the Institute of Coding: 11500+ and counting

By Dr Patricia Charlton I started working on the institute of coding project back in September of 2018. An ambitious project, with many OU colleagues contributing to reaching a diverse range of...

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Co-Designed Industry Standard Inforgrapic

An introduction to Artificial Intelligence workshop

The Open University as part of the £20M funded UK Government funded Institute of Coding (IoC) initiative is running a number of workshops to work with Industry and communities to help in...

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Future Learn Website

FutureLearn to Deliver digital skills programmes for Institute of Coding

The OU's social learning platform FutureLearn is to deliver digital skills programmes as part of the Institute of Coding (IoC). The FutureLearn platform will deliver digital skills...

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Mindmap hand drawn from the event

Towards a Manifesto for Inclusive STEM Education

On 31st January, Clem Herman presented a workshop, together with Lisa Thomas from Lancaster University entitled Towards a Manifesto for Inclusive STEM Education. Lisa and Clem are both working...

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GirlsCode - Getting Started Photo

What collaborative community learning and coding looks like: GirlsCode MK hackathon in action

We had a very successful and engaging weekend hackathon with GirlsCode MK, MK Hackathon and The Open University as part of our work on the diversity and inclusion vision of the Institute of Coding....

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Happy Birthday! The Institute of Coding Turns 1

Today marks one-year since the Institute of Coding was announced. A £40M national Institute of Coding led by the University of Bath will help fill the UK’s digital skills shortage, as well as...

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James Dewar - Liquid Nitrogen

KMi Director gives Royal Institution Lecture

Monday say KMi’s Director give a talk entitled “Blockchains: Hope or Hype?” at the Royal Institution sponsored by the French Embassy. The Royal Institution is an independent charity, founded in...

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EdMedia 2018 Banner

KMi Blockchain research presented in EdMedia 2018

Alexander Mikroyannidis presented the latest KMi work on educational applications of the Blockchain at the World Conference on Educational Media and Technology (EdMedia). The event was held in...

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Bertinoro University Photo

KMi members win ISWS Summer School 2018 Awards!

The 1st edition of the newly branded International Semantic Web Research Summer School (ISWS) was organised by STLab-ISTC National Research Council and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at the...

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Jakub at London Festival of Learning - Photo

OUAnalyse at London Festival of Learning

This year, three important conferences related to educational technology were co-organised within one week in London as part of the London Festival of Learning. These conferences included...

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