Towards a Manifesto for Inclusive STEM Education

Mindmap hand drawn from the event

On 31st January, Clem Herman presented a workshop, together with Lisa Thomas from Lancaster University entitled Towards a Manifesto for Inclusive STEM Education. Lisa and Clem are both working on Theme 4 Widening Participation and in particular on the objective to create a set of guidelines for the IoC partners on how to create inclusive curricula. The workshop was part of the Advance-HE STEM Conference in Birmingham, attended by over 200 delegates from HEIs across the UK. In the workshop, participants were challenged to use a rich picture to envisage what inclusive STEM education could look like, and then worked together to create a set of statements that will be incorporated into the new guidelines.

Clem Herman Presenting

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Want to relive our 2020 conference? Many of our conference sessions are now available as videos, so you can watch the conversations on lifelong learning in digital education, led by experts like @JdR_Tech @zinca and @HelenWollaston:

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